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The mission of The World Skin Project is to reduce the occurrence of skin cancer through the promotion of early detection, prevention and awareness.


  • To promote skin cancer awareness with a focus on education for massage therapists, massage therapy students and other body-work professionals including educators and academic directors.
  • To encourage detection of skin cancers in their earliest and most curable stages.
  • To discourage tanning bed usage and unprotected exposure to harmful UVA/UVB sunlight rays.
  • To improve skin cancer care and after-care by offering body-workers education and training programs.
  • To stimulate similar educational programs abroad.
  • To provide discounted and free sunscreen products to individuals with financial difficulties.
  • To encourage all body-workers to advise clients and patients on the dangers of skin cancer

Bowling 4 Skin - May 9th, 2015!
Be sure to join us for Bowling 4 Skin on May 9, 2015 at Old Mountain Lanes in Wakefield Rhode Island! More information coming soon! Read More