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I always wanted to have straight teeth, however when I was growing up braces were too costly for my family to afford. They weren’t covered by insurance and would have to be paid for out of pocket if I wanted them. It wasn’t important or necessary to have so I never got them. Now that I am a little older, I have been learning about how I can straighten my teeth. I was watching a commercial on TV and that’s when I heard about Invisalign. It was something I had never heard of before.

I went online and started looking at the website to see how it worked and what it consisted of doing. I found that this is something that only certain dentists offer. I wanted to learn more about it from a dentist in my area and I searched for Invisalign braces dentistry Germantown WI. I found a few different dentists in the area that offered Invisalign. I looked to see if any of them were covered by my dental plan at work and one of them was. I called them to make an appointment so I could find out more about the braces.

After my appointment and talking to my new dentist, I decided that this was something that would be affordable and give me the results I wanted to get. Although it wasn’t covered by my dental insurance, it was something that wasn’t going to make me go broke and I would be able to have the straight teeth I have always wanted.

I am currently in the process of using Invisalign and I can already see a huge difference. I didn’t have a big problem with my teeth being crooked, however you can tell that this has straightened out the teeth that I was concerned about. I am glad I made the choice to find an Invisalign braces dentistry Germantown WI. I am really happy with the way my teeth look so far. If I would have known about Invisalign before this I would have had it done a long time again.

I am almost done with the process and I have to get one new set of trays. Then it will be done and my teeth will be straight. I am happy I didn’t need to get braces at this age. Invisalign isn’t even noticeable and I love that.